Midwest Living : 2020-07-01

Spaces : 13 : 11


‘BRONZE PAGODA’ COLEUS These fast-growing Asian and Australian annuals (dubbed the Hawaiian shirt of the plant world) have wild colors and patterns. Buy by the flat to fill pots and borders. BIRD OF PARADISE Nothing says tropical like regal Strelitzia reginae with their long-lasting, crane-like blooms. Native to South Africa, these plants are closely related to bananas and feature similar leaves. Layers of lush hostas line the shady path. Create a tropical feel with varieties like ‘Guacamole’, ‘Tropical Dancer’, ‘Island Breeze’ and ‘Rainforest Sunrise’ that are hardy to Zone 3. ‘BORNEO’ ALOCASIA Go huge (7–10 feet) with ‘Borneo’ elephant ear, native to the rainforest floor. Or try other elephant ears like ‘Lime Zinger’, ‘Black Velvet’ and ‘Polly’ with a striking white vein. 11 MWL J/A 2020

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