Midwest Living : 2020-07-01

Pets : 24 : 22


pets life Natural Training Treats for Dogs A tasty treat you’ll feel good about giving ATER SPORTS ARE GOING TO THE DOGS. Competitiv­e dock diving (or jumping, depending on your parlance) boils down to dogs taking running leaps into a pool or lake, often catching a thrown target on the way down. Points are awarded for distance and height, not style—but c’mon, look at those shots! These pups have the flair of a snowboarde­r on the half-pipe. As dock diving has gained prominence on TV over the past 20 years, classes have sprung up across the country for pets and owners. (Google, and you’re sure to find one near you.) Just like traditiona­l agility training, dock diving can help you strengthen your relationsh­ip with your pet. “It truly is a team sport between you and your dog,” says Shannon Davis, who owns Southtown K9, a practice and training facility in Rock Falls, Illinois. Not a dog owner? Dock jumping is absolutely a spectator sport. Find events (when they begin happening again) at dockdogs.com. Available at a Store Near You! 22 MWL J/A 2020

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