Midwest Living : 2020-07-01

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Special Advertisin­g Section

E C I P E COMMUNAL OR SINGLE? LOBSTER BOIL Custom dictates spreading all the contents of the lobster boil on a newspaper-covered table and letting everyone dig in. We love the casual communalit­y of this tradition, but in a postpandem­ic world, folks may feel more comfortabl­e with individual servings. Whatever you do, provide lots of napkins. If you don’t make a mess, you aren’t doing it right. This recipe is scaled for one (very hungry) person. Multiply quantities by the number of people you’re feeding—but as your party grows, you might want to dial down on some of the trimmin’s, or allow a half lobster per person to keep costs in check. FEAR FACTOR pinch me SKIMMER A wide spider skimmer is handy for fishing ingredient­s out of the pot. POT Bigger is better. You want a giant lidded stockpot or canning kettle. WHAT THE HECK IS CLARIFIED BUTTER? You’ve probably seen those white bits in melted butter. They’re milk solids, and chefs often skim them out, leaving clear, liquid gold. From a culinary angle, clarified butter is good for frying; at a lobster boil, it’s mostly for looks. If you want to go the distance, clarifying butter only takes 10 minutes, and directions are everywhere online. 66 MWL J/A 2020

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