Gut­ting It Out


LOOK­ING FOR THE MOST ef­fec­tive way to burn fat? Ac­cord­ing to a Har­vard study, weightlift­ing is bet­ter at con­trol­ling flab than an equiv­a­lent amount of aer­o­bic ex­er­cise, prob­a­bly be­cause of the for­mer’s long-last­ing ef­fects on body struc­ture. But be­fore you go all in on pump­ing iron, be­ware the dreaded “weightlifter’s gut,” an un­wanted side ef­fect com­mon among male lifters whose lower abs have bulked up, giv­ing them a pot-bel­lied ap­pear­ance. To avoid such a belly, steer clear of heavy squats or dead lifts, which work your core in a way that en­cour­ages the hy­per­tro­phy of the lower abs. If you’ve al­ready got a touch of mus­cle gut, you can mit­i­gate its ap­pear­ance by work­ing on your hip and shoul­der pos­ture (see we­ fit­ness-ex­er­cise/bet­ter-pos­ture-ex­er­cises).

Lift­ing weights can have its down­side.

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