Get your om on: A guide to find­ing the med­i­ta­tion style that’s per­fect for you



Bring your mind to rest with an ob­ject of med­i­ta­tion. From counting beads to sim­ply pay­ing at­ten­tion to your breath­ing, fo­cused med­i­ta­tion, or sa­matha, is all about emp­ty­ing the mind by fun­nel­ing at­ten­tion.


The classic “Om” works well, ei­ther spo­ken, whis­pered or silently con­tem­plated. Mantra med­i­ta­tion is a spe­cific type of sa­matha, us­ing a word, phrase or non­sense syl­la­ble as med­i­ta­tion ob­ject.

Tran­scen­den­tal Med­i­ta­tion

It’s not cheap, but TM is ev­i­dence-backed and sec­u­lar, evan­ge­lized by ev­ery­one from Jerry Se­in­feld to the Mayo Clinic. You’ll get a cus­tom­ized mantra and one-on-one train­ing to start.

Mind­ful­ness/ Vi­pas­sana

Vi­pas­sana is for­giv­ing be­cause it isn’t a calm­ing of thoughts, but a con­tin­ual ar­rest­ing and re­cal­i­brat­ing – so you shouldn’t worry about “do­ing it wrong.” Try it while driv­ing, eat­ing or even wash­ing dishes.

Move­ment Med­i­ta­tion

Strengthen the mind-body con­nec­tion and calm your thoughts by fo­cus­ing on pre­cise or repet­i­tive mo­tions. Yoga is the most com­mon, but try tai chi, qi gong or even just a walk in the woods.

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