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Kick off the summer with an afternoon (or evening) at Miller Park.

- By C.J. Hribal

IT’S SUMMER, and you’re not going to a baseball game? Allow me to remind you that baseball in America is right up there with Mom, apple pie and babies. And nothing says “Milwaukee WI” like cheering on the Brewers.

I could go all Ken Burns on you, waxing rhapsodic about baseball being the one sport allowing for infinity, and how the season unfolds from spring’s optimism through summer’s saga of hopes lifted or tumbling, to fall’s final games played in autumnal chill – yada yada yada – but the bottom line is the games are fun.

This year’s team, so far, is doing a fair impression of Harvey’s Wallbanger­s, launching home runs at an impressive clip. They may (or may not) be playing this way later in the summer, but that’s immaterial. There is something about being at Miller Park – the green grass, the roof open to sky and clouds, the view beyond the glass walls – that is just plain magical. And these days can’t we all do with a bit of magic?

Start by arriving early. For some, baseball is a tailgate party with a game attached. I’m old school: I go for the baseball.

My favorite games fall into two categories: games versus the Cubs (Miller Park becomes Wrigley North, but fans for both teams are knowledgea­ble and friendly, and the games are raucous), and games for best seats. Games against division opponents are special, too, but you can get fabulous seats when the Brew Crew is playing a Tampa Bay or a Miami.

I recommend splurging on Loge Infield Boxes, especially right behind home plate. You might go to fewer games, but the best food and beer concession­s are there (the Local Brews bar, for example, features 24 Wisconsin beers). Remember: seats for shade down the first base line, seats for sun down third.

Check the Brewers website for their numerous promotions. Sundays, for instance, under-16 kids can run the bases, and kids 14 and under eat free.

Consider biking to the game. You’ll already be home before the traffic jam even starts. A spur of the Hank Aaron Trail takes you right to the ballpark, and you’ll feel like you earned the bratwurst and the Zaffiro’s pizza.

See you at the old ball game!

 ??  ?? Brewers slugger
Eric Thames
Brewers slugger Eric Thames

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