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Dis­pelling mis­con­cep­tions about cider with Lost Val­ley’s co-owner

What con­sti­tutes a cider?

51 per­cent of it should be [made from] ap­ples. In re­al­ity, most ciders, even if they’re fla­vored with other fruits, will be 80 to 90 per­cent fer­mented ap­ple juice and a small amount of ad­di­tional fla­vor­ing.

Do you see ev­i­dence that it’s be­com­ing more pop­u­lar?

Cider was on a very rapid growth path thanks to some of the more mass-mar­ket brands. It’s a growth pat­tern that’s fol­low­ing be­hind, but mir­ror­ing, the ex­plo­sion in the craft beer in­dus­try.

Do you think that the re­cent craft brew­ery boom in Mil­wau­kee ben­e­fits you?

I think it’s syn­er­gis­tic not only with craft brew­ing, but with craft dis­till­ing. We’re in an area where you’re walk­ing dis­tance to four brew­eries and two craft dis­til­leries. We get peo­ple that come into our place to try cider who are also go­ing to try the brew­eries or dis­til­leries too. It’s a win-win sit­u­a­tion for all of us.

What mis­con­cep­tions do peo­ple have about cider?

That it’s a sweet pop-like drink. Cider can be very dry. It can have wine-like char­ac­ter­is­tics. It can be fruity. It can be hoppy. It can have all kinds of herbs. The fla­vors of cider are just as di­verse as the fla­vors of craft beer.

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