The Rules of Curl­ing

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Curl­ing can be a bit tricky to fig­ure out.

It’s like a cross be­tween bowl­ing, hockey, bocce and shuf­fle­board, and likely the only sport to in­clude a house­hold clean­ing tool as a nec­es­sary piece of equip­ment.

1. Each game be­gins with a coin flip; the win­ning team of four gets the first op­por­tu­nity to slide a 42-pound stone down a 150-foot sheet of ice.

2. Af­ter the stone is re­leased, two team mem­bers guide it through lanes of ice, sweep­ing in front of it with brooms. An­other mem­ber, the skip, shouts di­rec­tions.

3. At the end of the lane is a giant bulls­eye called the house. The team with a stone clos­est to the cen­ter scores a point, with more points for any stone nearer the cen­ter than the other team’s best shot.

4. Each mem­ber tosses two stones, try­ing to block, knock or nudge ex­ist­ing stones.

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