Cor­ru­gated Fuse­lage

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Pro­fes­sor Junkers pi­o­neered the use of Du­ra­lu­min, an alu­minum al­loy, in his fighter de­sign. At the time, the rel­a­tively new ma­te­rial was light and strong, but didn’t pos­sess the rigid­ity re­quired for the stresses of air­craft flight—hence, the cor­ru­ga­tions. Re­pro­duc­ing these cor­ru­ga­tions has al­ways been a chal­lenge for scale model­ers. I ex­per­i­mented with sev­eral meth­ods to du­pli­cate them but found them to be ex­tremely la­bor in­ten­sive, adding excessive weight, or both. I de­cided to try Balsa USA’s Cor­ru­ga­tion Kit for ease of ap­pli­ca­tion and light weight. While it won’t sat­isfy the scale purist, it does a good job of du­pli­cat­ing the ef­fect of cor­ru­ga­tions. The kit con­sists of eight rolls of pres­paced vinyl strips with back­ing and trans­fer pa­per. I ini­tially feared that the paint wouldn’t ad­here well to the vinyl, but I was glad to see that the latex paint held tena­ciously to the strip.

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