Graup­ner HoTTrigger 1400S V2

From mild sport fly­ing to wild 3D, this high-per­for­mance model de­liv­ers

Model Airplane News - - FRONT PAGE - By Klaus Ronge

Graup­ner’s lat­est of­fer­ing, the HoTTrigger 1400S V2 Com­pe­ti­tion Plug-and-Play (PNP), in­cludes many per­for­mance and dura­bil­ity up­grades to the orig­i­nal high-per­for­mance aer­o­batic model. Ac­cord­ing to Graup­ner, the HoTTrigger com­bines the best at­tributes of the Ex­tra 330SC and Edge 540 de­signs and in­cor­po­rates a NACA 63A-mod air­foil for out­stand­ing per­for­mance at any speed. Like its pre­de­ces­sor, it is a PNP model that only re­quires a re­ceiver and LiPo bat­tery.

The HoTTrigger is con­structed out of Solid­por, a dense, light­weight foam re­quir­ing no re­in­force­ment. The main up­grades of the V2 in­clude a more pow­er­ful mo­tor, larger-di­am­e­ter mo­tor shaft, and metal-gear ser­vos. In­cluded in the box are the fuse­lage, two wing halves, hor­i­zon­tal sta­bi­lizer, ver­ti­cal fin, land­ing gear, tail gear, canopy, car­bon-fiber wing spar, pilot fig­ure, assem­bly man­ual, spin­ner, and prop. Two sets of graph­ics are in­cluded: a racing/com­pe­ti­tion set and a cut­away de­sign. Be­cause it comes un­painted, the plane pro­vides a blank canvas for those pi­lots wish­ing to cus­tom­ize the model. It is easy to re­move the wings for trans­port or stor­age us­ing Graup­ner’s in­no­va­tive wing-at­tach­ment latch. The model’s con­ve­nient size, how­ever, lends it­self to trans­port and stor­age fully as­sem­bled.

With the mo­tor, speed control, and ser­vos all fac­tory in­stalled, assem­bly is su­per quick. The HoTTrigger’s per­for­mance will sat­isfy the av­er­age sport flier as well as the hard-core 3D pilot. The air­frame ap­pears to be durable, and its hon­est flight char­ac­ter­is­tics make it suit­able for any­one with some low-wing flight ex­pe­ri­ence.


The HoTTrigger is well pack­aged with all the com­po­nents wrapped in pro­tec­tive foam sheets. Don’t throw out the box as it con­tains the assem­bly di­rec­tions (also avail­able at graup­ and pho­tos for the graphic place­ment. Assem­bly is eas­ily ac­com­plished us­ing the pro­vided hex wrenches, and the only glue re­quired is for in­stalling the pilot bust. The wing halves have fac­tory-in­stalled ser­vos and link­ages, while the in­stalled rud­der and el­e­va­tor ser­vos only re­quire hook­ing up the link­ages. Unique plas­tic flight-sur­face hinges are pre­in­stalled, and the ball-linked link­ages al­low for ex­treme 3D throws. A Y-har­ness is sup­plied, but I chose to put each aileron on a sep­a­rate chan­nel for eas­ier setup and to al­low for fine-tun­ing. All the servo leads are clearly marked, and there is a molded re­cess for the re­ceiver. The ro­bust alu­minum land­ing gear has the foam fair­ings and wheel pants molded on, and the en­tire assem­bly bolts to the fuse­lage bot­tom. The hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal sta­bi­liz­ers bolt on as well.

All the graphic pieces are pre­cut and have all the re­quired clear­ance cutouts for the control horns and hinges. I ini­tially was go­ing to go with the cut­away de­sign but, in the end, chose the racing/com­pe­ti­tion pat­tern for bet­ter in-flight vis­i­bil­ity. I used the Win­dex method to ap­ply the vinyl graph­ics to al­low for proper po­si­tion­ing. Tak­ing your time here pays big div­i­dends. Ei­ther set will re­sult in a great-look­ing model. Fig­ur­ing out where all the var­i­ous trim pieces go and ap­ply­ing them was the most time­con­sum­ing part of the en­tire assem­bly. There is no need to be too fussy paint­ing the foam pilot bust as the canopy is heav­ily

The in­cluded foam pilot bust comes un­painted, al­low­ing you to show off your artis­tic tal­ent.

There is am­ple room in the ra­dio/bat­tery com­part­ment, lo­cated be­neath the re­mov­able hatch, for a va­ri­ety of bat­tery sizes.

Ball-link link­ages and heavy-duty hinges al­low for ex­treme 3D throws with very lit­tle slop.

The wing mount­ing latch is shown here. Press­ing down on the latch locks the wing in place.

The tail assem­bly is held on with two bolts. Note the tall tail­wheel for good ground han­dling.

In­stalled at the fac­tory, the brush­less mo­tor proved to be quiet and pow­er­ful. The in­cluded pro­pel­ler was a good match for the mo­tor.

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