Modern Farmhouse Style

A Penny Saved


Kristin Glandon shares some fresh solutions she and husband Todd came up with to get the home of their dreams while protecting their nest egg.

STONE-COLD SWITCHEROO. “Even though I really liked the idea of having a concrete fireplace, we couldn’t afford it. So we looked around and found a Statements porcelain tile in Fog that mimics the look of concrete but was also on budget.”

FOAM UP. “While the wood around the doors and floating shelves is real, the beams in the living room are Styrofoam. We wanted to use real wood at eye level, but when it’s super high, you can’t tell it’s fake.”

SMART SOAKER. “A beautiful tub is a luxury, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Ours was a great find on Wayfair. It’s pretty, and it really holds the heat.”

CHEAP SEATS. “The window seats in the living room are made from upper-cabinet stock. Todd built a 4-inch platform and added a white top panel. The cats usually sit on them, but they’re also great for hiding all the television equipment down below.”

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