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- Aurora Aguilar

For more than six months, Congress has been focused on a seminal issue: COVID-19. The healthcare crisis has affected every state, industry and person in some way. While lawmakers have passed several relief bills to help their constituen­ts and funneled money to providers treating patients with the virus, they have stalled on later waves of assistance. Without additional legislatio­n, hospitals face stiff Medicare loan repayment terms and may not get additional funds to cover coronaviru­s-related shortfalls.

It’s also an election year, when everyone’s voice can be heard (if you vote) and healthcare is top of mind. From the halls of Congress to the halls of HHS’ Humphrey Building, the 2020 election will determine provider reimbursem­ent, drug prices and public health policy in the wake of the pandemic. Modern Healthcare encourages all of our readers and staff to vote this year and is highlighti­ng the efforts of healthcare organizati­ons that support their staff’s civic efforts.

Modern Healthcare’s reporting often has affected policy and been cited by lawmakers as they look to the future of the industry. It’s a mustread for any leader hoping to work with Congress and the executive branch on decisions that affect their business strategies and patient care.

Our congressio­nal supplement builds on that work by giving you insight into how leaders inside the Beltway view healthcare issues. We hope this issue will give you fresh insight into our federal government.

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