Blockchain 101

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Blockchain is a log of ac­tiv­ity that is time-stamped, tam­per-proof and shared across a net­work of com­put­ers. Orig­i­nally dreamed up in 2009 by an un­known per­son or group—it’s not known for sure which—called Satoshi Nakamoto as a means to move the dig­i­tal cur­rency bit­coin, its uses have since been broad­ened to ex­change other types of dig­i­tal as­sets, such as data, in pri­vate, per­mis­sioned net­works suit­able for busi­nesses. Each trans­ac­tion that goes into the log of ac­tiv­ity is en­closed in a block and linked to­gether in chrono­log­i­cal or­der to form a chain, giv­ing it the name blockchain.

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