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CMS OKs South Carolina’s Medicaid work rules


South Carolina will become the first state to apply work requiremen­ts to Medicaid beneficiar­ies with incomes under 100% of the federal poverty level. Beneficiar­ies, including parents of minor children, must document 80 hours of monthly work, job training, education or community service to receive Medicaid benefits starting in July, unless they qualify for an exemption.

South Carolina is the first state that has not expanded Medicaid to low-income adults under the Affordable Care Act to establish a work requiremen­t.

Wisconsin, another non-expansion state under the ACA, also has received CMS approval to impose work requiremen­ts. But unlike South Carolina, Wisconsin has expanded Medicaid to all adults up to the federal poverty level, and its requiremen­t won’t take effect for several years.

At the same time, the CMS approved South Carolina’s request to expand coverage for parents of minor children from 67% of poverty to 100% of poverty.

Single parents who are caregivers for children must apply for an exemption from the work requiremen­t. One adult in two-parent families, however, will have to meet the requiremen­t.

The CMS did not approve South Carolina’s request to expand coverage under the Children’s Health Insurance Program for pregnant women or women in their first year after delivery.

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