Modern Healthcare

But there’s more …

Surprise billing isn’t the only issue tackled in the bipartisan package developed by Alexander, Pallone and Walden. It also addresses:


Public health ■ Authorizes HHS

to launch a national campaign promoting the effectiven­ess of vaccines

■ Includes several provisions

aimed at improving maternal health

■ Folds e-cigarettes and vaping products

into the definition of tobacco products prohibited in schools

Transparen­cy ■ Sets strict time limits

for how long it takes providers and insurers to adjudicate a bill. Patients wouldn’t have to pay if they get a bill more than 60 days after receiving care

■ Requires providers and insurers

to give patients “good faith” estimates of out-ofpocket expenses

Drugs and IT Other provisions

are aimed at lowering drug prices; allowing the government to audit a healthcare organizati­on’s cybersecur­ity practices; and improving interopera­bility and patient matching

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