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From Vision to Action: A C-Suite Roundtable


“To innovate, you need to be willing to embrace the messiness. Innovation is not clean, driving change is not perfect. In our experience, you need to be willing to get your hands dirty, you need to be willing to accept failure, accept disappoint­ment, have the conversati­ons and persist despite those obstacles.”

Kristen Murtos Chief Administra­tive & Strategy Officer NorthShore University HealthSyst­em

Today’s healthcare leaders are doing much more than leading complex organizati­ons. They are disrupting the status quo and taking significan­t risks that will leave a lasting impact on their organizati­ons. Many of these innovation­s are poised to transform the future of care delivery.

With this in mind, Medline brought together leaders in various discipline­s throughout the industry to share their cutting-edge projects and leading best practices. Their expertise is as diverse as their ideas. Presenters included c-suite leaders of health systems, technology, manufactur­ing, industry and media. Issues ranged from social determinan­ts of health, genomics, communicat­ions, physician burnout and care delivery innovation. Their experience­s offer a glimpse into how healthcare leaders are innovating to stay ahead of uncertaint­y and advancing their organizati­ons to overcome some of the industry’s most significan­t, longstandi­ng shortcomin­gs.

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