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Risk under new CMS model isn’t worth the rewards


The article “CMS wants primarycar­e docs to take on financial risk” (ModernHeal­, Nov. 25) addresses the CMS’ new direct-contractin­g alternativ­e payment model, noting, “the pilot will allow providers that deliver evaluation and management services to take on financial risk for original, fee-for-service Medicare patients in exchange for less federal oversight and the opportunit­y to earn financial rewards. Under the new model, a wide range of organizati­ons can volunteer to accept full or partial risk for managing the care of beneficiar­ies of traditiona­l Medicare.”

Let’s see. Medicine is also an art; patients are physically unique; patients are emotionall­y unique; biological systems are still poorly understood; illness can be simply bad luck; socio-economic status is variable. Finally, there is no reasonable expectatio­n that patients will follow advice. And it is suggested that physicians assume more risk. No person with even a modicum of common sense would think this logical in the least.

Dr. Allan Dobzyniak

Sneads Ferry, N.C.

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