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I’ve al­ready I I There There are sev­eral ob­vi­ous things you should carry with you, such as a weapon, matches, flint and steel, My­lar blan­ket, metal con­tainer and cup, sewing kit, etc., but there are a few more in­valu­able items to keep in your pack.

I never go into the woods with­out a knife, and I of­ten carry two or three. You never know when a blade might break, or a knife will be lost. Also, dif­fer­ent knives do dif­fer­ent jobs, so it’s use­ful to have sev­eral for mul­ti­ple uses.

Carry a small saw. A short hand­held saw can cut branches, which will come in handy when build­ing shelter or sim­ply get­ting some­thing out of your way.

Next on my list is rope, which is ar­guably one of the most im­por­tant items to have in the backwoods. There are so many uses for rope that it’s down­right un­in­tel­li­gent to head afield with­out one.

The next two es­sen­tial items are a map and com­pass. Nav­i­ga­tion can be al­most im­pos­si­ble with­out them.

Carry an emer­gency whis­tle. If you get hurt and be­come im­mo­bi­lized, you must be able to sig­nal for help. Also, know how to cre­ate an SOS by start­ing a large fire and dump­ing green veg­e­ta­tion on it to make it smoke.

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