Modern Pioneer - - [canoe Paddle] -

A ca­noe pad­dle can cer­tainly be made us­ing hand tools only, but I pre­fer the la­bor-sav­ing as­pects of elec­tric saws and san­ders. Ei­ther way, mak­ing some­thing beau­ti­ful and func­tional with your own hands is very re­ward­ing.

To make one pad­dle, you’ll need:


- Drill and bit for align­ment pins - Sev­eral C-clamps - Wood rasp - Elec­tric san­der - Band saw


hard­wood, Two pieces of 4x48x½ inches 8x60x¼ One piece of cedar, inches, or cedar strips like those used in build­ing a cedarstrip ca­noe resin 1 pound of epoxy fiber­glass ½ yard of 6-ounce cloth align­ment Two wooden dowel pins (ap­prox­i­mately 2 inches long) - 16 inches of 1⁄8-inch

ny­lon rope - Sand­pa­per - Paint­brushes - Marine var­nish

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