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Hemi­sphere Cof­fee Roast­ers Hunter’s Blend

Modern Pioneer - - Review - —Dar­ron Mc­dou­gal

IF YOU TAKE HUNT­ING, FISH­ING AND OTHER OUT­DOOR AC­TIV­I­TIES SE­RI­OUSLY, then you know that at­ten­tive­ness is per­haps the most im­por­tant at­tribute you can have. In­vari­ably, we hunters are known to sleep lightly (or not at all) the night be­fore a highly an­tic­i­pated hunt­ing or fish­ing out­ing. Granted, that an­tic­i­pa­tion plum­mets when 9 a.m. ar­rives and we haven’t yet seen a deer or felt a strike. Sud­denly, a snooze sounds more ap­peal­ing than watch­ing for deer or a bob­ber to dis­ap­pear be­neath the sur­face. But, what if that drowsi­ness costs you the op­por­tu­nity of a life­time?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not go­ing to risk miss­ing out on the buck of my dreams due to poor sleep or lost en­thu­si­asm. For­tu­nately, Hemi­sphere Cof­fee Roast­ers has just the so­lu­tion. It’s called Hunter’s Blend cof­fee, and each bag is aptly stamped with the phrase, “Awaken the Hunt.”

Cof­fee With a Pur­pose

While comb­ing aisles at a re­cent out­door trade show, I hap­pened upon Hemi­sphere Cof­fee Roast­ers’ booth, manned by Paul and Grace Kurtz. As I sipped a sam­ple, Kurtz said, “Hunter’s Blend is a cof­fee that will wake you up, but not slap you in the face.”

I’m pas­sion­ate about cof­fee, and af­ter vis­it­ing with Mr. and Mrs. Kurtz, and get­ting a few bags of their prod­uct, I walked away with a whole new ap­pre­ci­a­tion for cof­fee.

Most cof­fee beans are grown in for­eign coun­tries, chang­ing hands mul­ti­ple times be­fore reach­ing the United States. Each hand it touches must make a profit, so the cof­fee-bean grow­ers in poverty-stricken com­mu­ni­ties make very lit­tle money, though they’re the ones do­ing the hard la­bor.

Hemi­sphere Cof­fee Roast­ers does things dif­fer­ently. It im­ports beans di­rectly from Diego Chavar­ria farm just out­side Mata­galpa, Nicaragua, for its Hunter’s Blend cof­fee. This helps the com­mu­nity thrive, and gets cof­fee on shelves and in your cup faster with­out chang­ing hands mul­ti­ple times over many months.

Hemi­sphere also uses medium-roast cof­fee beans di­rectly from the Akha Tribe in north­ern Thai­land. This cof­fee has “snap­pier” notes, and it’s en­dorsed by pro­fes­sional hunters Ralph and Vicki Cian­cia­rulo.

The Anatomy of Good Cof­fee

I drink cof­fee for its taste more than its caf­feine jolt, so I ap­pre­ci­ate a great, fresh-tast­ing cof­fee. Again, be­cause Hemi­sphere im­ports di­rectly from cof­fee grow­ers, its cof­fee reaches the U.S. faster. Each time I brew a cup of Hunter’s Blend, I’m re­minded just how fresh cof­fee can and should taste.

Kurtz said that while Hunter’s Blend is good any­time, it re­acts in a way that ben­e­fits hunters or other out­doors­peo­ple who’re ac­tive early in the morn­ing. “I wanted Hunter’s Blend to have a dark note, but with a lively acid­ity,” Kurtz said. “So, we roast it to dark.” The roast­ing pro­ce­dures are done cor­rectly, de­liv­er­ing off-the-charts fla­vor.

Lo­ca­tion is an­other rea­son why Hemi­sphere’s cof­fee tastes phe­nom­e­nal. It im­ports from lo­cales like the high­lands of Peru, Kenya, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Nicaragua and Gu­atemala. Grow­ing con­di­tions are para­mount to a great-tast­ing fin­ished prod­uct, and these places of­fer them.

This fact may sur­prise you: Ev­ery bean is hand­picked by real peo­ple. In fact, ap­prox­i­mately 25 mil­lion fam­i­lies make their liv­ing by pro­duc­ing cof­fee. Hemi­sphere Cof­fee Roast­ers strives to help as many of these fam­i­lies as pos­si­ble. No, it doesn’t give fam­i­lies free hand­outs. In­stead, it fo­cuses in­tensely on a real grower-to-seller busi­ness model known as di­rect-trade. In­stead of a short-term poverty so­lu­tion, grow­ers are ben­e­fit­ing from their hard la­bor through­out the long term.

Be­fore reading this re­view, per­haps you didn’t re­al­ize what goes into ev­ery cup of cof­fee you drink. Now that you know, con­sider buy­ing your cof­fee from Hemi­sphere Cof­fee Roast­ers. It’s the finest-tast­ing cof­fee I’ve had, and the peo­ple in for­eign coun­tries work­ing tire­lessly to scratch out a liv­ing will ben­e­fit from your pur­chase. Plus, you’ll be wide awake when that big buck rolls into your sights!

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