The Pig Ex­plo­sion

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The breed­ing and re­pro­duc­tion rate of wild pigs is of­ten com­pared to that of rab­bits. A sow is said to reach ma­tu­rity for breed­ing at the early age of only 6 months. That same sow can pro­duce an av­er­age of two to two and a half lit­ters each year, with each birthing yield­ing up to 14 piglets. You don’t have to be a math­e­ma­ti­cian to un­der­stand that in a few short years this can equate to pigs ga­lore.

Bi­ol­o­gists es­ti­mate that the cur­rent pig ex­plo­sion has reached epi­demic pro­por­tions, with as many as five mil­lion wild hogs now roam­ing the U.S. And, there seems to be noth­ing in the way of curb­ing those num­bers any­time soon. That is bad news for farm­ers, ranch­ers and even back­yard gar­den­ers. For hunters, it means ex­cel­lent new hunt­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties.

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