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Prac­tice, skillsets and rugged­ness are all im­por­tant to be­com­ing a sea­soned camper. But no mat­ter what, ev­ery camper of ev­ery ex­pe­ri­ence level needs the same sup­plies. There’s also some­thing to be said for hav­ing mul­ti­ples of many things: knives, lighters, can open­ers and, of course, com­passes.

This is es­pe­cially true con­sid­er­ing that com­passes are one of the few things that can break while in the wilder­ness. They can fall into the wa­ter or be crushed. And while hav­ing mul­ti­ples will likely save you in a sit­u­a­tion like that, al­ways carry a mag­net and nee­dle for a backup com­pass. These two things are vir­tu­ally in­de­struc­tible. If you’re bring­ing a mag­net along for util­ity, why not al­ways have the Mag­netic North and South Poles marked? Here’s how to do it.


• A com­pass • Mag­net of choice • Tape of any kind

(it can­not be black in color) • A pen

Open your com­pass and lay your mag­net next to it. Keep­ing the mag­net on the same side of the com­pass at all times, ro­tate the mag­net un­til ei­ther the south or north side of the com­pass is point­ing to­ward the side of the mag­net. You have found one side of the mag­net. In fig­ure 2 above, you can see that the south end of the nee­dle is point­ing di­rectly to­ward the mag­net. Mark that area “south.”

Re­peat this process to find the op­po­site side of your mag­net. Once you have both sides marked, al­ways keep this mag­net and a nee­dle in your camp­ing gear.

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