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One of the more pop­u­lar ways to use wild fruits is to turn them into home­made wine. Check lo­cal laws where you live, but in most ar­eas of the coun­try, mak­ing wine for per­sonal con­sump­tion is le­gal. It’s a fun and de­li­cious way to use any ex­tra fruit you’ve picked.

The sim­plest way to ap­proach the hobby is to pur­chase a kit from your lo­cal liquor store or on­line. The kits usu­ally come with glass or plas­tic 5-gal­lon car­boys (jugs) for fer­ment­ing and ag­ing your wine, tub­ing to trans­fer it to bot­tles and air­locks to let ex­cess pres­sure es­cape from the wine jug as fer­men­ta­tion oc­curs while pre­vent­ing con­tam­i­nants from en­ter­ing the wine.

Most kits also in­clude yeast, chem­i­cals and ad­di­tives. Sim­ply fol­low the in­struc­tions on the kit to turn ex­cess fruit into a de­li­cious drink.

The most im­por­tant part of the wine­mak­ing process is san­i­ta­tion. It only takes a small con­tam­i­nate on one piece of equip­ment to ruin an en­tire batch of wine. Care­fully fol­low all of the clean­ing and san­i­ta­tion tips that come with your kit.

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