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When it comes to select­ing sur­vival gear from the thou­sands of prod­ucts on the mar­ket, ask your­self, “What do I re­ally need,” and more im­por­tantly, “What don’t I need?” A wise ap­proach is to choose items that fit the core sur­vival cat­e­gories first, then sprin­kle in your wants to round out a killer sur­vival ap­pa­ra­tus. Your top-pri­or­ity items in­clude food, wa­ter, fire-mak­ing de­vices, shel­ter ma­te­rial, first-aid kits, sig­nal­ing de­vices, cloth­ing and packs, as well as gear for per­sonal pro­tec­tion, multi-tools and, of course, a trusty knife. These groups of key sur­vival items, once se­cured, give you a fight­ing chance against just about any­thing that man or na­ture can throw at you.

Fol­low­ing are 16 prod­ucts to con­sider as you build your sur­vival-gear sup­ply.

01 Cache Belt

Put it on and for­get about it un­til you need it. This amaz­ing new belt is in­ge­niously con­structed to be a wear­able sur­vival kit, no mat­ter where you find your­self in the world. Stylish and durable, the Cache belt in­vis­i­bly holds dozens of use­ful sur­vival items ac­ces­si­ble at a mo­ment’s no­tice. From fire-start­ing gear and fish­ing ac­ces­sories to a sig­nal­ing de­vice, wa­ter treat­ment tablets and more, there are nearly two-dozen use­ful items tucked se­curely within the belt. Choose from min­i­mal­ist, es­sen­tial or ad­ven­ture styles.

Specs and Fea­tures

• Durable belt and buckle • Matches nearly any out­fit • Avail­able in four sizes • Ex­tra space for your own gear MSRP: $25-95 wa­zoosur­vival­

02 Whiskey Ram­bler

A good knife at your side is like a trusted friend, al­ways there when you need it. The Whiskey Ram­bler is con­structed of car­bon steel and a han­dle made from up­cy­cled white oak whiskey bar­rels. This rus­tic knife is as beau­ti­ful as it is prac­ti­cal. The Ram­bler fea­tures a dou­ble hol­low-ground edge of­fer­ing ra­zor-sharp per­for­mance. The Ram­bler pack­age in­cludes the knife, leather grunt sheath, black Ky­dex sheath, para­cord lac­ing and Creek Ste­warts’s fa­mous life­time guar­an­tee.

Specs and Fea­tures

• Over­all Length: 11.25 inches • Blade Length: 6.75 inches • Weight: 11 ounces • Full tang, Bowie de­sign • Ferro rod notch MSRP: $125 creek­stew­

03 Creek’s Bug-out Guar­an­teed Fire Kit

Fire is a Core 4 ne­ces­sity for sur­vival, plain and sim­ple. Fire can pro­vide warmth, the abil­ity to cook freshly killed game, and it gives you com­fort and peace of mind when you’re alone. This kit en­sures you have fire and then some. From tin­der to matches to char cloth and firestix, your abil­ity to pro­duce a roar­ing fire is al­most end­less. Also in­cluded in the pack are Fat­wood sticks, a fres­nel lens, firesteel, wet­fire cubes, 9-hour can­dle and much more.

Specs and Fea­tures

• Heavy-duty con­tain­ment pack • Per­fect ad­di­tion to your bug-out bag • Stores eas­ily any­where • Cus­tom­iz­a­ble to your needs MSRP: $49.99 creek­stew­

04 Mykel Hawke Apoc­a­lypse Shovel

A shovel might not seem like an im­por­tant sur­vival tool, but this one will sur­prise you. In­te­grated with its hard­ened steel frame is a large, fixed-blade knife sport­ing both a plain and ser­rated edge, a com­pass, a glass breaker, a pick and bow-drill pivot hole for cre­at­ing fire. The shovel it­self can be used for mul­ti­ple pur­poses in­clud­ing dig­ging, of course, but also cut­ting and, if need be, per­sonal de­fense. A durable ny­lon pouch keeps ev­ery­thing con­tained and al­ways by your side.

Specs and Fea­tures

• Over­all Length: 22 inches • Weight: 3.5 pounds • Hard­ened 440 and 420 steel • High-ten­sile pouch MSRP: $85 hawke­

05 St­ingray Tree Tent

There’s a lot to con­tend with at ground level: crawl­ing, bit­ing in­sects, cu­ri­ous wildlife and the cold hard ground it­self. All of it can ruin your night’s sleep. Avoid them all by mov­ing up. The St­ingray pro­vides a roomy, com­fort­able and very sta­ble shel­ter above ground level by at­tach­ing to nearby sup­ports. Use trees, rocks or man­made struc­tures to eas­ily and quickly erect your float­ing tent. Quick ac­cess from a cen­ter floor hatch makes en­ter­ing and ex­it­ing a breeze. An at­tach­able rain­fly keeps the rain off while you get much needed rest. Stuff sack and all hard­ware are in­cluded. Sleeps three adults.

Specs and Fea­tures

• Erects in min­utes • Cen­ter en­trance point • All hard­ware in­cluded • 880-pound ca­pac­ity • Four-sea­son use MSRP: $675

06 Pow­eras­sist Multi-tool

Some­times dur­ing sur­vival sit­u­a­tions, you must travel light, car­ry­ing only the ne­ces­si­ties, and the Pow­eras­sist tack­les that eas­ily. Sport­ing 16 valu­able tools, in­clud­ing two blades, four screw­drivers, pli­ers, wire cut­ters, file and more, you’ll have the tool you need al­ways by your side. Per­fect for both ur­ban and ru­ral sur­vival, the Pow­eras­sist is built tough, and will hold up to the rig­ors of ex­tended use. Its com­poundlever­age tech­nol­ogy re­sults in twice the cut­ting force of other multi-tools. In­cludes ny­lon bal­lis­tic sheath.

Specs and Fea­tures

• 420 stain­less steel • Bal­lis­tic ny­lon sheath • Side-re­lease lock­ing mechanism • Weight: 9.6 ounces • 16 to­tal tools MSRP: $119.25

07 Back­coun­try Axe

Fire re­quires fuel, shel­ters re­quire ma­te­ri­als; ac­cess both eas­ily and quickly with the Back­coun­try axe. This amaz­ing tool fea­tures a fiber­glass-core han­dle at­tached to the axe head, giv­ing it in­cred­i­ble strength and high dura­bil­ity. Use the flat-head back to drive stakes or pound your shel­ter posts into place. Chop wood in min­utes, and to reach those hard-to-swing lo­ca­tions, just eject the built-in wood saw from the han­dle and con­tinue your job. At­taches to your belt, in its in­cluded sheath, when not in use.

Specs and Fea­tures

• Over­all Length: 16 inches • Weight: 29 ounces • In­cludes black ny­lon sheath • In­te­grated belt clip MSRP: $92

08 Blade­light

This amal­ga­ma­tion elim­i­nates two valu­able tools and puts both to­gether in one hand. The Blade­light fea­tures six LED lights molded into the GRN han­dle on both sides of the blade, pro­duc­ing bright light with­out shadow. Use the Blade­light while cut­ting, or keep it safely in the sheath for a true flash­light ef­fect. A sim­ple push-but­ton switch and full-im­mer­sion wa­ter re­sis­tance en­sures years of re­li­able use when fac­ing na­ture’s fury. The blade it­self is ra­zor sharp with ex­cel­lent bal­ance and con­trol. The pack­age in­cludes knife, sheath, re­mov­able ny­lon pouch and two re­place­ment bat­ter­ies.

Specs and Fea­tures

• Over­all Length: 11.3 inches • Blade Length: 5.7 inches • Bal­lis­tic ny­lon sheath • 25-lu­men light out­put • Uses one AA bat­tery MSRP: $115

09 Sports­man Steel­head Med­i­cal Kit

This med­i­cal kit is for hunters or fish­er­men who find them­selves in wet, soggy con­di­tions. Pro­tected by two lay­ers of wa­ter­tight ma­te­ri­als, this kit can float on the wa­ter or be drenched by a con­tin­u­ous down­pour with­out com­pro­mis­ing its valu­able in­te­rior com­po­nents. This com­pact, yet com­plete kit will help patch you up and get you back out when in­jury oc­curs. From ban­dages to gauze to an­tibi­otic cream to pain re­liev­ers, you’ll have what you need when you’re far from your home’s medicine cab­i­net. Its bright orange, easy-to-see color is vis­i­ble in nearly any out­door en­vi­ron­ment.

Specs and Fea­tures

• Per­fect for one- to two-day trips • Cre­ated for wet/damp en­vi­ron­ments • To­tal Weight: 6 ounces • Nearly 40 use­ful items • Small and com­pact MSRP: $25 ad­ven­turemed­i­calk­

10 Moun­tain Ex­plorer Kit

Per­fect for fam­ily out­ings, the Moun­tain Ex­plorer is your go-to pack when ac­ci­dent strikes. Equipped in a unique and or­ga­nized fash­ion, you’ll find ex­actly what you need to treat a spe­cific in­jury quickly and ac­cu­rately. See-through pock­ets al­low in­stant vis­i­bil­ity and pro­tec­tion from dirt or other out­door ma­te­ri­als. When time counts, open the cor­rect pocket ev­ery time with its in­ge­nious ex­ter­nal sup­ply map. The Ex­plorer in­cludes items for cuts, sprains, scrapes, frac­tures and large wounds, plus ba­sic med­i­ca­tion for pain, burns and in­sect-bite re­lief. It’s a must-have when you ven­ture out­doors.

Specs and Fea­tures

• Per­fect for fam­i­lies • Easy-to-ac­cess items • Re­flec­tive logo for night­time lo­ca­tion • See-through pock­ets • In­cluded med­i­cal book

MSRP: $59 ad­ven­turemed­i­calk­ 11 Sur­vival Re­flec­tive Tent

Trav­el­ing light doesn’t mean ig­nor­ing shel­ter­ing for the night. This easy-to-con­struct re­flec­tive tent pro­vides over­head shel­ter while trap­ping pre­cious body heat in­side. One cord and a few well-placed rocks are all it takes to cre­ate the per­fect shel­ter for up to two peo­ple at a mo­ment’s no­tice. When not in use, the en­tire struc­ture packs down to only a 6-inch square, which is eas­ily car­ried in your pack or even your pants pocket.

Specs and Fea­tures

• Sets up in min­utes • Fire re­tar­dant • In­cludes 14 feet of sus­pen­sion cordage • Com­pact and light­weight • Use as warm­ing blan­ket, if needed

MSRP: $8.99 ust­

12 Whis­tle and Mir­ror Sig­nal Combo

Some­times low-tech is what works. Us­ing mul­ti­ple sig­nal­ing de­vices when lost is the key to ac­quir­ing help fast. This combo fea­tures both au­dio and vis­ual sig­nal­ing us­ing a sim­ple whis­tle and re­flec­tive mir­ror. Small enough to fit into your pocket, but pack­ing a pow­er­ful punch, both items are in­dis­pen­si­ble when at­tract­ing res­cuers to your lo­ca­tion. Equipped with a float, this combo won’t get lost if ac­ci­den­tally dropped into a lake, stream or even the ocean.

Specs and Fea­tures

• Break­away lan­yard • Bright orange color • Float in­cluded • Pocket-sized gear • High-deci­bel whis­tle MSRP: $4.99 ust­

13 Her­itage Camp­fire Kit

The value of fire can­not be em­pha­sized enough. It can cook your food, pro­vide warmth and se­cu­rity, and most of all, give you com­fort when you’re alone out­doors. Cre­ate fire with­out stress with the Camp­fire Kit. This col­lec­tion of old-school ma­te­ri­als will help cre­ate a roar­ing blaze in no time. A rus­tic burlap bag holds a wood-han­dled fire starter, kin­dling, tin­der and a valu­able fire-start­ing in­struc­tional card set. Fire is life. Be­lieve it, and you will sur­vive.

Specs and Fea­tures

• Com­pact car­ry­ing bag • Clas­sic fire-start­ing ma­te­ri­als • In­struc­tional card set • Re­seal­able hold­ing bags • Easy-to-light tin­der MSRP: $19.99 ust­

14 550 Firecord

It’s al­ways good to multi-task, even in sur­vival sit­u­a­tions. This true 550 para­cord of­fers a se­cret eighth in­ner strand that’s us­able as fire tin­der. Use the 550 cordage for any num­ber of projects, in­clud­ing zip­per pulls, tent lines, lan­yards, bracelets or key chains. Then, if you need to start a fire, sim­ply ex­pose the in­ner tin­der thread to a spark. In­te­grate the cordage into your back­pack, sup­ply bags or on your per­son so you’ll al­ways have it nearby and ready to as­sist when needed.

Specs and Fea­tures

• True 550 strength • Added eighth tin­der-cord • 25-foot length • Mul­ti­ple uses MSRP: $12.49 live­

15 Tac­ti­cal Trav­eler Sur­vival Kit

You never know when disaster will hit. Whether man­made or nat­u­ral, the worst can hap­pen in­stantly, and those pre­pared will be ready for it. Join this group by hav­ing your Tac­ti­cal Trav­eler ready to go. This com­pre­hen­sive bug-out bag has ev­ery­thing you need to sur­vive the first three days of nearly any chaotic emer­gency. Stocked with food, wa­ter, shel­ter ma­te­ri­als, com­mu­ni­ca­tion and sig­nal­ing de­vices, gloves, med­i­cal kit, multi-tool, para­cord and much more, you’ll have what you need while oth­ers scram­ble around look­ing for sup­plies. The kit is avail­able in seven unique color schemes and your choice of either MRE meals or freezedried food.

Specs and Fea­tures

• Com­plete one-per­son kit • Room to add per­sonal items • Heavy-duty back­pack • For ru­ral and ur­ban sur­vival • 18 pounds (fully loaded)

MSRP: $399.95 and up ready­to­go­sur­

16 Su­perlight Jun­gle Ham­mock

Rise above hard, cold ter­rain and cu­ri­ous crit­ters and in­sects with the Su­perlight Jun­gle Ham­mock. As its name im­plies, this sleep­ing aid won’t weigh you down, but will be a life­saver when your day ends and you need a good night’s sleep. Large enough to fit most in­di­vid­u­als com­fort­ably, this ham­mock of­fers wa­ter­proof over­head pro­tec­tion, mos­quito net­ting and twin spread­ers for op­ti­mal weight dis­tri­bu­tion. Stuff sack is in­cluded when it’s time to pack and hit the trail once again.

Specs and Fea­tures

Weighs less than 4 pounds Sup­ports up to 330 pounds Fits taller peo­ple com­fort­ably In­sect pro­tec­tion Sin­gle-per­son ham­mock MSRP: $222 ddham­

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