Modern Pioneer - - Review -

These are the Breath of Life Mask’s specs, per tech­non­llc. com.

Hood: Five-layer lam­i­nate

Fil­ter Layer One and Four: Vis­cose strength­ened by polyester fibers 150 gr/sq- m Con­tains 0.3% cetylpyri­dinium chlo­ride (CPC) as an an­ti­sep­tic that neu­tral­izes bac­te­ria. The first layer acts as a pre-fil­ter against large par­ti­cles.

Se­cond Layer: The se­cond layer fil­ters par­ti­cles of 0.3 mi­crons or more, tested for air per­me­abil­ity by the Fra­zier Air Per­me­abil­ity Method, - 55cfm/sf at ½-inch wa­ter gauge.

Third Layer: Polyester non­wo­ven ma­te­rial at 1.2mm thick and con­tain­ing ac­tive char­coal in a con­cen­tra­tion of 114 gr out of a to­tal of 200 gr sq-m - 57% in­tended to re­ject air pol­lu­tion and gas flow, both in dy­namic or static con­di­tions.

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