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Pro­tec­tive cac­tus gear isn’t ex­pen­sive, but ab­so­lutely nec­es­sary. The fol­low­ing items are staples for pain pre­ven­tion on the plains, and the pok­ing and prod­ding that will fol­low if a spine buries deep.

LEATHER GLOVES: Pur­chase a heavy-duty pair of leather gloves (the thicker the bet­ter) from your lo­cal farm- or ranch-sup­ply store. I per­son­ally pre­fer those with padded palms. This ex­tra pad­ding pre­vents small spines from pen­e­trat­ing, and will prevent larger spines from be­ing driven too deep.

KNEE PADS: The ones that come with your pricy camo pants aren’t enough. Cac­tus spines will push through these like they’re but­ter. Your best bet is a pair that fea­tures a full plas­tic outer and a padded in­ner. The plas­tic pre­vents spines from pen­e­trat­ing and the padded in­ner keeps you com­fort­able. Those sport­ing a not-toosoft gel outer work great as well, and are a tad qui­eter when crawl­ing across arid land­scapes, which is a ben­e­fit if you’re hunt­ing big game.

SNAKE BOOTS: Snake boots not only thwart the fangs of nasty rat­tlesnakes, but will also keep spines from shoot­ing into your foot, an­kle and lower leg.

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