Melt-and-pour Pep­per­mint Soap

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Mak­ing soap from scratch us­ing lye is an ex­cit­ing process, but do­ing so re­quires sev­eral safety mea­sures and is best done by some­one with ex­pe­ri­ence. Here, we have a recipe to make melt-and-pour soap us­ing un­scented glyc­erin soap as the base. You can make any shape and use any scent you like. We made pep­per­mint soap be­cause of its ties to the hol­i­days. Plus, it smells great.


Clear glyc­erin soap for melt­ing

White glyc­erin soap for melt­ing

Pep­per­mint es­sen­tial oil

Glyc­erin soap color

Cook­ing spray

Rub­bing al­co­hol

Molds of your choice

Two bowls

Two spat­u­las


1 Chop up the clear and white glyc­erin soaps into pieces as small as pos­si­ble (keep them sep­a­rate).

2 Us­ing a mi­crowave-safe bowl, melt the white glyc­erin soap. Mi­crowave it two to three times, about 30 sec­onds each time, stir­ring af­ter each. Near the end of this process, drop in three to five drops of pep­per­mint es­sen­tial oil.

3 Spray your molds with cook­ing spray and once the soap has melted, pour a ½-inch layer in the bot­tom of the mold. We used small loaf pans to cre­ate a bar-like shape that can eas­ily be cut into smaller bars.

4 Spray the top of the soap with rub­bing al­co­hol. This is to get rid of the bub­bles that form on the top. Spray un­til all of the bub­bles have popped.

5 Wait for the soap to set. It could take up to 30 min­utes. Test it by press­ing your fin­ger lightly on top of the soap. If the top layer breaks eas­ily, it’s not set. Once it’s firm to the touch, but not hard, use a fork to scrape down the length of the soap in a ser­pen­tine man­ner. The cut should only be sur­face-deep. This is to help the next layer cling to the first layer.

6 Melt the clear glyc­erin soap in the mi­crowave. Use a dif­fer­ent bowl and spat­ula than you used to melt the white soap. Drop in three to five drops of pep­per­mint es­sen­tial oil. Add enough drops of red soap color to turn the soap bright red. It shouldn’t take much.

7 Pour the now-red glyc­erin soap on top of the white soap. Spray the top with rub­bing al­co­hol. Wait for the soap to set, then trace a small in­den­ta­tion into the soap us­ing a fork.

8 Pour another layer of white soap on top of the red soap, re­peat­ing the pre­vi­ous steps. You can do as many lay­ers as you like. How­ever, if you plan on do­ing many lay­ers, plan to make them very thin.

9 Once the en­tire soap bar has set, gen­tly pop it out. Us­ing a strong knife, pos­si­bly one that is curved, cut the soap bar into smaller bars, or pop them out of the soap mold.

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