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Wife's sudden jealousy makes husband wonder

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DEAR AMY >> Recently

I told my wife that I planned to reach out to “Sharon,” a former coworker who is an industry expert, for advice about changing jobs.

My wife angrily and immediatel­y accused me of having an affair with Sharon, and insisted that I wanted to get a job near her to continue the affair.

I have never, ever cheated on my wife. I'm a homebody who works from home. I don't travel for work and rarely go out with friends.

Sharon lives over four hours away. I haven't seen her in over six years, haven't spoken on the phone in years, and we exchange business-related text messages every few months.

I worked with Sharon for three years and my wife never voiced any suspicions. I never saw or talked to Sharon outside of the office when we did work together.

In the 15 years I've been married to my wife she's never acted so irrational­ly, or accused me of having an affair.

The next day all my wife said was, “I'm sorry. Can we please not talk about this again?” She insists that we should act like nothing happened and that counseling is unnecessar­y.

I'm deeply hurt that she would even think I'm having an affair. I'm also worried about her mental health because her accusation­s didn't even make any sense.

Do you have an explanatio­n for my wife's irrational behavior? Should I join her in pretending it never happened?

— Baffled in Baltimore

DEAR BAFFLED >> Your wife reacted in a way that was irrational and unpreceden­ted in your relationsh­ip. Your wife is embarrasse­d by her own behavior; of course she doesn't want to discuss it further!

But I agree with you that it is important that you two discuss this in order to come to a resolution that will satisfy both of you.

Resolving a challenge is the opposite from pretending it never happened.

Your wife may admit to having long-standing suspicions and insecurity about this previous work relationsh­ip.

She should also be asked to understand how hurtful it is to absorb such a serious, unfounded and unfair accusation.

I agree that because this behavior was so outside the norm for her, there might be an underlying medical, hormonal, or emotional trigger.

Talking further with a calm and mutually compassion­ate attitude might help to reveal what is really amiss.

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