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Don't expect sunshine from A's or SF fans

- By Alex Simon

Pitchers and catchers are beginning to report all across the MLB today, with the A's reporting Wednesday and the Giants holding their first workout on Thursday.

Usually, this kickoff to spring training carries with it some joy and optimism for a successful season — after all, the cliche is “hope springs eternal” for a reason.

But for both of the Bay Area's teams, it's hard to feel all that hopeful about the 2023 season.

In fact, it's fair to wonder which fanbase feels more frustrated entering spring training.

First, A's fans have been dealing with their seemingly endless search for a new stadium — it's been so long that, if the search were a person, it'd be old enough to drink now.

And while the A's leadership continues to gauge interest in moving to Las Vegas, including visiting locations in Sin City at the start of this month, there has continued to be steady — albeit slow — progress at Howard Terminal.

That progress has been slow enough that the core from the 2018-2020 playoff runs has been broken up via trades.

While that feeling may fall in line with what A's fans have experience­d recently, it's set to be a different spring for the Giants, whose fans are disappoint­ed for different reasons before the season even starts.

After the magic carpet ride that was 2021 — a franchise-record 107 wins to win the NL West and an intense NLDS loss to the Dodgers in five games — there was a crash back to earth in 2022 all across the board.

With Buster Posey retired, the orange and black were left without their longtime superstar and rallying force. After a strong start in April, the Giants spiraled and sputtered their way to a .500 finish.

After an offseason of failed pursuits at bringing a superstar in, the Giants are projected by Baseball Prospectus to finish … exactly at 81-81 again.

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