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Mark John Verbonich


NoveMBeR 24, 2022 Dallas

MaRk John VeRBonich, 77, passed away unexpected­ly and peacefully, the afteRnoon of NoveMBeR 24th, 2022, in his hoMe in Dallas, Texas, in the pResence of BaRBaRa, his loving wife of 51 yeaRs. MaRk was BoRn in FRanklin, New JeRsey to Michael and DoRothy VeRBonich on July 29, 1945. MaRk spent his eaRly yeaRs in OgdensBuRg, New JeRsey, gRaduating fRoM Pope John XXII Regional High School in 1963. He attended TeMple UniveRsity in Philadelph­ia, wheRe he Received his BA in English in 1967. He lateR went on to Receive his MA in PuBlic AdMinistRa­tion fRoM the UniveRsity of OklahoMa in 1975. While at TeMple, MaRk was enRolled in ROTC and enteRed the US ARMy in 1967 as a 2nd Lieutenant with his fiRst deployMent to GeRMany in the ARMoR and MilitaRy Weapons CoMMand. DuRing one touR in VietnaM, he seRved as an InfoRMatio­n OfficeR, oveRseeing and editing two MilitaRy Magazines, TRopic Lightning ThundeR and the HuRRicane (II Field FoRce) foR the 25th InfantRy Division. He caMe to the MonteRey Peninsula in 1971, wheRe he seRved as a CoMpany CoMMandeR foR a unit of Russian language students at the Defense Language Institute. Upon the coMpletion of his active duty in 1974, MaRk continued his schooling and seRvice as a Civil AffaiRs OfficeR in the ARMy ReseRve and ended his MilitaRy caReeR in 1991 as a MajoR. Once MaRk aRRived on the MonteRey Peninsula in 1971, he chose to stay, calling it hoMe foR 50 yeaRs. MaRk Met his sweetheaRt BaRBaRa in MonteRey, and they weRe MaRRied just a few shoRt Months lateR in ApRil of 1972. They welcoMed theiR son, Michael, in 1979, followed By a daughteR, ElizaBeth, in 1981. They tRagically lost Michael to canceR in SepteMBeR 1981. HoweveR, they weRe Blessed shoRtly afteR By the BiRth of two MoRe daughteRs, SaRah in 1983 and AMy in 1984. MaRk enjoyed a long 38-yeaR caReeR with PeBBle Beach CoMpany. He joined the coMpany in 1975 as the ManageR of the then-coMpany owned Del Monte Shopping CenteR. He suBsequent­ly held the positions of PRopeRties ManageR and Vice PResident of PRopeRty SeRvices BefoRe BecoMing the VP of CoMMunity AffaiRs in 1988, a position he held until his RetiReMent in 2013. ThRoughout his yeaRs with PeBBle Beach CoMpany, MaRk loved each oppoRtunit­y to RepResent PeBBle Beach with integRity and joy. MaRk loved his inteRactio­n with the Many coMMunity MeMBeRs he gRew to adMiRe and was delighted when he could BRing a Bit of huMoR, histoRy, and wisdoM into the daily opeRations of this wondeRful coMpany. He was Recognized as a pillaR of the coMMunity. He seRved on Many key coMMunity BoaRds, deliveRed countless Meals foR Meals on Wheels, and led the PBC Foundation. ThRough his yeaRs of coMMitMent and dedication to his coMMunity, he was often lovingly RefeRRed to as the "Unofficial MayoR of PeBBle Beach." MaRk Received Many distinguis­hed honoRs duRing his caReeR. Just to highlight a few: 1995: RoBeRt C. Littlefiel­d AwaRd, MonteRey ChaMBeR of CoMMeRce 1996: Hospitalit­y PRofession­al of the YeaR, MCHA 2007: JunioR AchieveMen­t, Business Hall of FaMe 2011: Citizen of the YeaR, MonteRey ChaMBeR of CoMMeRce 2013: Business LeadeRship AwaRd, CSUMB Business School In addition to his sinceRe dedication to the coMMunity and PeBBle Beach CoMpany, MaRk was a loving husBand to BaRBaRa and devoted fatheR to his thRee giRls. His daughteRs fondly Recall MeMoRies of hiM spending one-on-one tiMe with each of theM to nuRtuRe, encouRage, and develop theiR individual­ity. When appRoached By any one of his giRls, he would stop whateveR he was doing, giving theM his full attention no MatteR how long the conveRsati­on oR how Many tiMes the saMe oR siMilaR topics had Been discussed. If soMething was iMpoRtant to his daughteRs, it was iMpoRtant to hiM. MaRk was known to Be a Man of few woRds yet he always seeMed to have the Right woRds to say when his childRen sought out his wisdoM, guidance, oR encouRageM­ent. And even when he did not have the woRds, he had a steadfast and calMing pResence, the Best hugs, and the safest chest to lay on to Make eveRything alRight once MoRe. In June 2021, MaRk and BaRBaRa Moved to Dallas, Texas, close to daughteR SaRah, heR husBand, Coy, and theiR faMily. TheiR BRief tiMe togetheR in Dallas was soMe of the happiest and Most Blessed of theiR MaRRiage. MaRk continued his caReeR of seRvice, Raising funds foR the local VeteRans GRoup. TogetheR, they developed and nuRtuRed Meaningful Relationsh­ips with new fRiends and enjoyed Many hoBBies. You could often find theM woRking out at the PuMp It Up class, enjoying KaRaoke oR playing Bocce with fRiends, attending, and paRticipat­ing in vaRious coMMunity events and gatheRings. MaRk and BaRBaRa BRought theiR coMMunity togetheR By oRganizing and hosting two Monthly Resident gatheRings, "Let's Talk" and the "Sunday Social". MaRk was pReceded in death By Both of his paRents, Michael and DoRothy and his son, Michael. He is also suRvived By his sisteR, Micheline GRuBeR of Lafayette, New JeRsey. He is suRvived By his wife, BaRBaRa; his childRen: ElizaBeth, of the MonteRey Peninsula; SaRah, heR husBand, Coy, and gRandsons, Austin and CRew of Coppell, Texas; and daughteR AMy, heR husBand Ed and gRandsons, MaRcus and Lucas of the MonteRey Peninsula. A pRivate "CeleBRatio­n of Life" will Be held Sunday, FeBRuaRy 26, 2023 at the Beach and Tennis CluB in PeBBle Beach, CalifoRnia. The Beach and Tennis CluB holds Many fond faMily MeMoRies of holidays and special Meals shaRed togetheR theRe. Those in attendance will shaRe joyful stoRies and MeMoRies of tiMe spent with MaRk and the faMily. A MilitaRy ceReMony will Be held at 11:00 aM, FRiday, FeBRuaRy 24, 2023 at the CalifoRnia CentRal Coast VeteRan's CeMeteRy in Seaside, CalifoRnia, located at 2900 PaRkeR Flats Road. The puBlic is welcoMe to attend. Please visit the link Below to view MaRk's oBituaRy: https://www.dignityMeM­oRial.coM/oBituaRies/dallas-tx/MaRk-veRBonich-11033276

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