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Kristen Stewart is set to star as Susan Sontag in a biopic

- By Emily St. Martin

Alert the literati — Susan Sontag is getting a biopic and Kristen Stewart is set to play the late writerprov­ocateur.

Stewart, who is no stranger to portraying influentia­l women, has been cast in “Sontag” as the queer feminist icon, a celebrity intellectu­al of the highest regard, famous for her cultural essays including “Notes on `Camp'” and novels such as “Death Kit” and “In America.”

The drama will be directed by documentar­ian Kirsten Johnson, based on the biography “Sontag: Her Life and Work” by Ben Moser. It will be adapted for the screen by Johnson and Lisa Kron and is set to begin filming at the Berlin Film Festival, where Stewart is jury president.

The feature won't be your typical biopic, though. The producer of the project, Gabrielle Tana, has shared with Screen Daily that “Sontag” will have a meta spin, with documentar­y footage of Stewart preparing to portray Sontag woven into the film.

“We're using Berlin as a moment to kick off the project and do documentar­y footage of Kristen as the head of the jury and talking to her about how she's going to become Sontag,” Tana, who co-founded Brouhaha Entertainm­ent in 2021, told the outlet. “It will be a drama, but with a documentar­y aspect to it. Kirsten has a wonderful approach to storytelli­ng, and this is reflective of that, so she will use documentar­y in it.”

Naturally the literary community and Kristen Stewart stans are echoing each other's excitement over the pairing.

“Fine, we'll see a biopic.” tweeted @Lithub, linking to news of the biopic.

Vox writer and critic Alissa Wilkinson tweeted, “Did I . . . manifest this” along with the Screen Daily article that first shared the news.

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