1969 DODGE DART GTS CAR OWNER: Marco Sandín Jr. Her­mosillo, Sonora, Mex­ico

Mopar Muscle - - Black Mamba -


TYPE: 572ci Keith Black Hemi BORE: 4.530-inch STROKE: 4.500-inch

CYLIN­DER HEADS: Indy Stage V Hemi alu­minum

PIS­TONS: Veno­lia forged COM­PRES­SION RA­TIO: 15.0:1 CRANK: Cal­lies Ul­tra bil­let RODS: Oliver Rac­ing Parts bil­let rods CAMSHAFT: Cam Mo­tion roller

VALVE LIFT: 0.492-inch in­take, 0.493-inch lift ex­haust

DU­RA­TION @ 0.050: in­take: 243, ex­haust: 257

IN­DUC­TION: Ho­gan’s Rac­ing alu­minum tun­nel ram in­take

FUEL: Two Quick Fuel Tech­nol­ogy 950-cfm car­bu­re­tors

IG­NI­TION: MSD 7AL-3 ig­ni­tion con­troller, HVC blaster II coil, MSD Pro-bil­let dis­trib­u­tor

HEAD­ERS: cus­tom stain­less three-step open head­ers (2.25-inch, 2.375-inch, 2.50inch pipes)

COOL­ING SYS­TEM: C&R Rac­ing alu­minum ra­di­a­tor

EN­GINE BUILT BY: Den­nis Mau­rer, Mau­r­ers Per­for­mance, Tempe, Ari­zona


TRANS­MIS­SION: A&A Trans­mis­sions 727 Ul­ti­mate Com­pe­ti­tion

SHIFTER: Pre­ci­sion Per­for­mance Prod­ucts Power Shift Air Shifter

TORQUE CON­VERTER: A&A Trans­mis­sions 727 Com­pe­ti­tion 9-inch, 6,000-stall speed

REAR AXLE: Strange Ford 9-inch, Strange spool, 4.56:1 gears, Strange 40-spline gun drilled axles


FRONT SUS­PEN­SION: Chas­sis­works front clip, Chas­sis­works spin­dles, Varispring coil springs, Var­ishock shocks

REAR SUS­PEN­SION: Chas­sis­works Drag Race Pro four-link rear clip and sus­pen­sion with 3x2 fram­erails, Koni springs, Koni shocks

STEER­ING: Chas­sis­works man­ual steer­ing box

BRAKES, FRONT: Wil­wood one-pis­ton calipers with Wil­wood 10-inch ro­tors

BRAKES, REAR: Wil­wood two-pis­ton calipers with Wil­wood 11-inch ro­tors


WHEELS: 15x3.5 Weld Rac­ing TT63 Fron­trun­ner (front), 15x14 Weld Rac­ing TT63 Dou­ble Bead Loc (rear)

TIRES: 26x5.0r15 Hoosier (front), 15x22.5 Hoosier Quick Time Pro D.O.T. (rear)

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