Mopar Muscle - - Duster Done Right -

1971 PLY­MOUTH DUSTER CAR OWNER: Steve Cabral • Marl­bor­ough, MA EN­GINE TYPE: Orig­i­nal 340 LA se­ries block stroked to 426 ci

BORE: 4.05-inch (.010 over) STROKE: 4.125-inch

CYLIN­DER HEADS: stock 1971 340 J-se­ries heads

PIS­TONS: Di­a­mond cus­tom forged COM­PRES­SION RA­TIO: 10.5:1 CRANK: Mol­nar Tech­nolo­gies forged stro­ker RODS: Mol­nar Tech­nolo­gies bil­let rods CAMSHAFT: Comp Cams cus­tom grind

VALVE LIFT: 0.565-inch in­take, 0.541-inch lift ex­haust

DU­RA­TION AT 0.050: in­take: 230, ex­haust: 236 IN­DUC­TION: stock cast-iron 1971 340 man­i­fold FUEL: stock 4972s Carter Ther­mo­quad IG­NI­TION: stock fac­tory Chrysler elec­tronic

EX­HAUST: stock cast-iron 340 ex­haust man­i­folds, Ac­cu­rate Ex­haust Prod­ucts re­pro­duc­tion pipes and muf­flers

COOL­ING SYS­TEM: 22-inch stock Chrysler ra­di­a­tor

EN­GINE BUILT BY: PK Ma­chine, (Fitch­burg, MA) DRIV­E­TRAIN TRANS­MIS­SION: stock A-833 four-speed man­ual SHIFTER: stock Hurst A-body four-speed shifter REAR AXLE: stock Chrysler 8 3/4, 3.91:1 gears CHAS­SIS FRONT SUS­PEN­SION: stock tor­sion bar, stock shocks

REAR SUS­PEN­SION: stock leaf springs, stock shocks

STEER­ING: stock Chrysler man­ual steer­ing box BRAKES, FRONT: stock disc BRAKES, REAR: stock drum WHEELS & TIRES WHEELS: 14x5.5 stock stamped steel (front), 14x5.5 stock stamped steel (rear)

TIRES: Good Year Poly­glas E70-14 (front), Good Year Poly­glas E70-14 (rear)

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