Mopar Muscle - - One-Owner Dart -

But what binds the cou­ple to­gether with the car is what Char­lotte did for John to cel­e­brate his 50th birth­day. “I had been ask­ing for a model of my car for many years and thought for sure I was get­ting one when Christ­mas came around,” says John. “But in­stead I re­ceived a hard­top sim­i­lar to my car. Char­lotte said she looked ev­ery­where and made many calls, but they just didn’t have a con­vert­ible like my car. I was pleased with it and never thought an­other thing about it. How­ever, I had no idea she had ac­tu­ally bought two of the hard­tops, one to give me and the other to send to a place on the East Coast called Bosch’s Garage.

“She had lo­cated a guy by the name of David Best, and he had agreed for her to ship him the car along with pic­tures of my car in­clud­ing the en­gine, trunk, in­side in­te­rior and out­side of the en­tire car. She mon­i­tored the progress of the car via emails and right be­fore my 50th birth­day in Au­gust, he shipped her the car. She had a big party at the house, and the last gift be­ing the replica of the Dart, right down to the stripes on the fac­tory-cor­rect match­ing Y2 Yel­low color. He had even cre­ated a mag­a­zine laid in the front pas­sen­ger seat that had my name on it; nat­u­rally, it was Mopar Mus­cle. It even has my ex­act li­cense plates. It was the best birth­day and the best present I’ve ever re­ceived, and I’ll never for­get it.”

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