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COVID surge forces new hospital visitor restrictio­ns

Limits in place at some area Mymichigan sites

- By Rick Mills rimills@medianewsg­

As cases of COVID-19 continue to increase, visitor restrictio­ns are returning Wednesday at Mymichigan Medical Center Gratiot and Mymichigan Medical Center Mt. Pleasant.

Revised visitor arrangemen­ts will be in place until further notice to protect patients, employees and health care providers, officials said Tuesday afternoon.

“We are indeed in the thick of yet another surge. With the increased number of COVID positive patients hospitaliz­ed here, and the positivity rate rising in our area and across the state, our staff need to attend very specifical­ly to both COVID and NONCOVID patient needs,” said Marita Hattem-schiffman, president, Mymichigan Medical Centers in Alma, Clare and Mt. Pleasant.

“We appreciate the cooperatio­n of our patients and their families during this challengin­g time and

we will monitor and review our visiting guidance on a regular basis.”

Visitor limitation­s vary by Medical Center department:

Surgical patients are allowed one healthy support person to accompany them to Mymichigan Medical Center Gratiot on the day of surgery. The support person must remain the same person throughout the visit. The support person must remain masked and will be asked to remain in the Day Surgery Unit and the Surgical Waiting Room for the duration of the stay.

Inpatient units, including the Emergency Department­s, Critical Care, Medical/surgical, Rehabilita­tion and Behavioral Health are not allowing visitors at this time.

In the Maternity Unit, if the mother-to-be is COVID-19 negative, two healthy, masked support people can accompany her. If the motherto-be has signs and symptoms of COVID-19 but is negative for COVID-19 or she is waiting for the results of her COVID-19 test, two healthy, masked support people can accompany her.

If the mother-to-be is COVID-19 positive one healthy, masked support person will be allowed to accompany her. The healthy support person must screen negative to all symptoms of COVID-19. The support person chosen must remain the same person throughout the patient’s stay and must always remain in the patient room.

“Mymichigan acknowledg­es the importance of supporting our friends and loved ones to the healing process,” said Hattemschi­ffman. “Our staff is glad to assist with this by arranging phone calls or video visits.”

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