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Sam’s Club may soon add fuel station

Addition at Union Twp. store could offer lower prices for area

- By Sarah Wright swright@medianewsg­

With Mt. Pleasant gas prices running 67 cents a gallon more than the state's cheapest stations, many motorists have been driving to save.

Traditiona­lly higher priced than nearby options for decades, residents have taken to online community forums in recent week to complain and detail trips for cheaper gas.

Relief could be coming. Neither Walmart nor Sam's Club — both of which tend to put downward pressure on retail prices — have had stations in Mt. Pleasant.

But now Sam's is planning one at their store in Union Township south of the city.

“When the Sam's Club site was originally developed more than 15 years ago, their intent was to add a filling station near the southeast corner of the site,” Union Township Community and Economic Developmen­t Director Rodney C. Nanney said. “A special use permit for the filling station was approved by the Township Board of Trustees in 2005, but the project did not go any farther at that time. On February 16, 2021, the

Township Planning Commission approved the final site plan for developmen­t of the new filling station, which will include eight fuel pumps for 16 fueling sites.”

Word of the planned station comes as both Rosebush and Clare have become cash-saving destinatio­ns for some.

On Friday, Mt. Pleasant stations were still holding prices around $3.38 a gallon, 60 cents higher than the cheapest in the state — a Lansing station was at $2.70.

Rosebush was at $2.95 and Clare at $2.85. Both towns had been as low as $2.80 last week and under $3 for about two weeks.

Many residents report fill-ups elsewhere to save 50 cents or do a gallon.

Constructi­on of the new filing station has not gotten started yet though the delay is partly due to some unexpected complicati­ons related to securing an easement to construct a short section of sidewalk that would be located on an adjacent parcel of land. With that in mind the developer remains committed to the project and those involved with the project hope to begin building the fuel station sometime during 2022.

“As part of the project, Sam’s Club and Wal-mart will construct about 1,900 feet of new sidewalks along the west side of Encore Boulevard, which will improve pedestrian access to both stores,” Nanney said. “As I have said previously to the developer, I appreciate Sam’s Club and Walmart for making pedestrian access a priority in their plans. This new sidewalk helps to further the Township Board of Trustees’ goals for safe, accessible routes for pedestrian­s and bicyclists in this hightraffi­c area.”

 ?? COURTESY YELLOWPAGE­S.COM ?? While not at the store in Mt. Pleasant, Sam’s Club is planning a fuel station in Union Township.
COURTESY YELLOWPAGE­S.COM While not at the store in Mt. Pleasant, Sam’s Club is planning a fuel station in Union Township.

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