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On Saturday, more than 2,000 current Central Michigan University Chippewas graduated and joined the CMU alumni family— a network of more than 235,000 individual­s living, learning and leading around the world.

It was the first indoor in-person commenceme­nt ceremony for the university since 2019, as loved ones gathered in Mt. Pleasant to celebrate. Three ceremonies took place in Mcguirk Arena.

As the class of 2021 prepares to enter the workforce, many will begin working in positions they have already secured. Here are just a few stories of our graduates, who are Fired Up to take the next step in their career and life journeys.

Alexander Georgiev

Area of study: Informatio­n Systems Job: Commercial strategy analyst for Delta Airlines Advice for CMU students: “Take advantage of the opportunit­ies offered to you as a CMU student. Get involved with RSO'S that will not only interest you but allow you to gain experience in your field of choice. My involvemen­t in Alpha Kappa Psi, the co-ed profession­al business fraternity, is what allowed me to develop the skills that I needed to obtain my internship­s. Those same internship­s are what have allowed me to gain valuable skills that I will use at Delta Airlines. CMU is full of organizati­ons that will help to set you apart from other students and put you in a position where your dreams can be achieved.”

Nyah Hodges

Area of study: Integrated Public Relations Job: Associate Corporate Communicat­ion Specialist at Dow Chemical Advice for CMU students: “Do things that make you become the best version of yourself. The opportunit­ies here are endless, so find some that best fit you.”

Biggest takeaway from attending CMU: “I'm the only person who can close doors of op-

portunitie­s on myself, so I may as well keep opening doors to see what else I can achieve.”

Kaylee Kok

Area of study: Counseling

Job: Domestic Violence Children’s Counselor for R.I.S.E. Advocacy

Advice for CMU students: “Make the most out of your experience. Whether that is joining a club, spending time at the Student Activity Center or experienci­ng the parks of Mt. Pleasant, go do it.”

Biggest takeaway from attending CMU: “Take risks and snatch every opportunit­y that you can because that is where you will learn and grow the most.”

Garrett Nurenberg

Area of study: Business Management, Hospitalit­y and Tourism Administra­tion

Job: 2nd Lieutenant in the Michigan Army National Guard; Marriott Internatio­nal

Advice for CMU students: “Get involved on campus. Join clubs and RSO’S that sound interestin­g and take advantage of info nights and free pizza nights, they are where you will make those connection­s that will follow you for the rest of your life.”

Biggest takeaway from attending CMU: “The importance of networking, especially with CMU Alumni. There are so many wonderful people out there that are excited and willing to

help you.”

Hassan B. Marong

Area of study: Communicat­ions

Job: Disney College Program

Advice for CMU students: “Attend IMPACT and Leadership Safari! One of the driving forces for me becoming involved at CMU was the student leaders that I met during my freshman year when entering IMPACT and safari.”

Biggest takeaway from attending CMU: “The importance of inclusive leadership. Through my position in the office of residence life I found my passion for diversity equity and inclusion work within Higher Education. In my future career I hope to foster a community that impacts all students and especially students of marginaliz­ed identities.”

Lauren Creighton

Area of study: Broadcast & Cinematic Arts Job: Reporter for 9&10 News

Advice for CMU students: “I may be biased, but CMU has one of, if not the, best journalism and broadcasti­ng programs in the state. The professors are intelligen­t, approachab­le, and all have real experience in the industries they’re teaching. Give CMU a chance, you won’t regret your experience here!”

Biggest takeaway from attending CMU: “No matter where I end up or what I do with my career, I am forever a chip! CMU implements a strong sense of community and passion in every student that they carry with them for life.”

Riley Connell

Area of study: Journalism

Job: Staff writer for the Cadillac News

Advice for CMU students: “One piece of advice I have for people who might consider attending CMU is to fully explore everything that campus, and the city of Mount Pleasant, have to offer. There is such a strong community in both of these places, and the college experience is over in the blink of an eye. Don’t let the opportunit­y to make a memory pass you by.”

Josh Gutowski

Area of study: Computer Science, Computer Engineerin­g

Job: Informatio­n Technology at Ford Motor Company

Biggest takeaway from attending CMU: “I came here not just for the education but for the experience. You see it all the time in movies and tv shows — the typical college experience that everyone gets to experience — and since I began at a community college, I was afraid of missing out. Not only did I get that experience, but I am leaving with a great group of friends that I will have for the rest of my life.”

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