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Skaters await freezing weather for ice rink

New site ready but Mother Nature hasn’t been cooperativ­e

- By Sue Field

Mt. Pleasant’s new community ice rink is as ready as it can get for the skating season, but Mother Nature hasn’t been cooperativ­e.

Set up on a softball field at Island Park, the rink wasn’t scheduled to be open until January but is ready for below freezing temperatur­es to freeze the shallow water and be ready for use.

City commission­ers in October approved the $25,400 purchase using the unassigned fund balance, and the liner, sideboards and brackets have been installed, along with a wooden step and platform have been installed because the manufactur­er recommends the system be in place before normal temperatur­es drop below freezing, City

Manager Aaron Desentz said.

“We anticipate that the rink will be usable sometime in January when our daily below freezing temperatur­es start to take hold,” Desentz said. “We’ve received solid support from folks that we have talked to.”

Once temperatur­es allow the water to freeze, the ice will be smoothed over when needed with a hand tool, Desentz said.

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