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Roundtable: Resolution­s for Lions in 2022

- By Vito Chirco

What is the best New Year’s resolution for the Detroit Lions in 2022?

• Vito Chirco: Draft best player available throughout the entirety of the 2022 NFL Draft, and build up the defense during the draft, specifical­ly at EDGE defender, linebacker and in the secondary.

Additional­ly, don’t worry about taking a quarterbac­k in the first round, or in the second, third, fourth and subsequent rounds, for that matter.

There’s not a single signalcall­er worth taking in the first round, and even once the second round comes around, there is going to be better players at other positions that will be available for Detroit general manager Brad Holmes to select.

I’m not saying that Holmes should pass on the opportunit­y to draft a QB if one of value falls to him in a later round, such as the third or fourth. However, I am saying that he shouldn’t reach for one in the earlier rounds, especially with the organizati­on having a variety of needs on both sides of the ball.

Once again, my resolution for

Holmes & Co. is to draft based on best player available, rather than need, in the upcoming NFL Draft. That, in my opinion, is the most efficient way of rebuilding the Lions’ roster in a timely fashion.

• Adam Strozynski: My New Year’s resolution for this Lions team is to continue to build on what you have.

For the first time in a long time, you feel like the organizati­on said, “Screw it, tear it down. No more band-aids on bullet wounds.”

It seems like you have a coach instilling a foundation and a culture with a team that has bought in as a whole. There doesn’t seem to be sub-sets of players who don’t trust or want out of Detroit. Weird, right?

Dan Campbell has had his fair share of ups-and-downs. But, late in the season, it appears the work is paying off.

I want him and this coaching staff to build upon the foundation they have laid this year.

Specifical­ly, I’m talking about the coaching staff continuing to work in unison with the front office, and Brad Holmes, who had a very good draft last year, continuing to build this roster through the draft, by adding impact

ful players in the first five rounds and even in rounds six and seven.

• John Maakaron: For me, a true culture change means winning after the conclusion of a football game.

While it is nice the players did not quit on head coach Dan Campbell, they earn their paycheck and have an opportunit­y to stay in the league based off of how they play on Sunday.

It is truly a low bar to praise this team for trying hard.

In the end, my resolution is for the decision-making at the end of games to drasticall­y improve.

Meaning, Campbell and the coaching staff must work harder to put the roster in a better position to succeed.

In 2022, I am hoping that we start seeing smart decisions be made on fourth down.

 ?? ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE PHOTO ?? Can coach Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions build on this year?
ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE PHOTO Can coach Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions build on this year?

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