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Ex-detroit council member gets 2 years in prison for bribes


DETROIT » A former Detroit City Council member who quit after pleading guilty to a bribery scheme was sentenced Wednesday to two years in prison.

Andre Spivey acknowledg­ed his “very poor choices” in accepting $36,000 but had hoped to get probation. His sentence still was far below the 40 months recommende­d by federal prosecutor­s.

“This wasn’t a mild case of corruption,” U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts said. “This was not a single lapse in judgment, as many supporters suggest, but a pattern of corruption and flawed character that is antithetic­al to a public official.”

In September, Spivey, 48, pleaded guilty to conspiracy, admitting that he and an aide accepted bribes related to oversight of towing. The money came from an undercover agent or an informant.

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