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Autocracy in America a concern

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My thoughts stretch across

Horizons to Ukraine and wonder,

How many poor families destroyed today.

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According to Merriam-webster, “autocracy” means: The authority or rule of an autocrat; government in which one person possesses unlimited power; a community or state governed by autocracy. Here an autocrat is a person (such as a monarch) ruling with unlimited authority or one who has undisputed influence or power. This differs slightly from a “dictator: A person granted absolute emergency power; one holding complete autocratic control; a person with unlimited government­al power; one ruling in an absolute and often oppressive way such as fascist dictators.

It can also mean one who says or reads something for a person to transcribe or for a machine to record (one that dictates). Lists of autocrats and dictatorsh­ips overlap. In 2022 there are 57 dictatorsh­ips in the world. (See Current Dictators — List of World Dictators From 2015-2022 ((planetrule­ For our purposes here the two words are synonymous.

Dictatorsh­ips include Russia, China, Iran, Kazakhstan, Laos, North Korea, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenist­an, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. In Europe there are Azerbaijan and Belarus. In the Western Hemisphere there are Haiti, Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela. Others are 25 countries scattered throughout Africa. Then there are those that lean toward dictatorsh­ip. The United States is on this list.

Two historians recently expressed their concerns for the future of democracy in the United States if Trumpublic­ans and far-right White Supremacis­ts win either the 2022 midterms and/or the 2024 presidenti­al election. Brian Clardy, professor of history at Murray State University Kentucky stated, “This is real, this is serious and it’s frightenin­g.” He suggested the Democrats point out how extreme the GOP has gone over the last ten years and what damage could result if the GOP is given the chance to run things again. “The Democrats have to remind people that next year and in 2024, democracy itself will be on trial,” he wrote.

John Hennen, professor emeritus at Morehead State University, Kentucky agreed, adding that those who shared such concerns need to “build a democratic resistance” to Trumpublic­anism. “In short, we must all become ‘antifa,’ or antifascis­ts.” What Hennen is doing here is comparing Donnyt to A. Hitler.

U.S. Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski recently called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “thug” on a “killing spree,” who is committing “mass homicide” in Ukraine in order to further a decadeslon­g goal of rebuilding Russia from countries such as Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic states. He did not see a diplomatic solution saying that only those close to Putin might convince him and discussed the growing refugee crisis in Poland where over 1.5 million Ukrainians have been welcomed.

Recall that in February former President Donald Trump praised Putin for his decision to recognize two breakaway regions of Ukraine and send troops there. Donnyt said it was “wonderful,” “so smart,” even “genius” for Putin to “declare a big portion of the Ukraine … as independen­t.” He said Putin will “go in (and) be a peacekeepe­r.” He went on to say that Putin has “the strongest peace force I’ve ever seen,” with “more army tanks than I’ve ever seen,” and “we could use that on our southern border.”

By the end of April, Russia has lost over 23,000 troops, nearly a thousand tanks, over 2,400 armored vehicles, 435 artillery systems, as well as nearly 350 aircraft and helicopter­s. Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship cruise missiles hit the cruiser Moskva, which later sank. (See ukrpravda@ ((Ukrayinska Pravda).)

Since Donnyt is still a favored candidate for President in 2024, this is sufficient reason for Democrats and Independen­ts to come out in force and defeat Trumpublic­ans.

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