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Maserati’s lineup will be en­tirely re­newed by 2022, led by a re­freshed Ghi­bli sedan and a re­designed Le­vante SUV, which will share its un­der­pin­nings with a re­designed Qu­at­tro­porte sedan. The Gran­tur­ismo Coupe and Gran­cabrio con­vert­ible will be re­placed by coupe and con­vert­ible ver­sions of the long-awaited Al­fieri. Both will be built on a ver­sion of the Gior­gio plat­form, which un­der­pins Alfa Romeo’s Gi­u­lia and Stelvio. The ver­sa­tile Gior­gio hard­ware will also be used for a new Stelvio-sized Maserati SUV that will be po­si­tioned be­low the Le­vante. FCA is also plan­ning an ag­gres­sive elec­tric ve­hi­cle strat­egy for Maserati, with four BEV mod­els—ver­sions of the Qu­at­tro­porte, Le­vante, and the Al­fieri Coupe and Con­vert­ible—to be mar­keted un­der the Maserati Blue la­bel. The cars will fea­ture three mo­tors—one at the front axle, two at the rear—and AWD with ac­tive torque vec­tor­ing. The elec­tricpow­ered ver­sion of the Al­fieri Coupe is ru­mored to have a top speed of close to 200 mph and be ca­pa­ble of ac­cel­er­at­ing to 60 mph in about 2.0 sec­onds. Why are au­tomak­ers rac­ing to de­velop fully au­tonomous ve­hi­cles and mo­bil­ity ser­vices? Sim­ple an­swer: Money. A re­port pub­lished last year by Gold­man Sachs sug­gested the global ride-hail­ing mar­ket—taxis, Uber, Lyft, etc.—could be worth $285 bil­lion by 2030. Re­mov­ing the driver from the busi­ness model through au­tonomous driv­ing tech­nol­ogy would in­crease the po­ten­tial profit pool from $65 bil­lion to $220 bil­lion, Gold­man says. Bot­tom line: An au­tomaker op­er­at­ing its own au­tonomous ride-hail­ing fleet could make $14,000 per car over three years, nine times the av­er­age profit it makes sell­ing a sin­gle ve­hi­cle. Porsche’s forth­com­ing 992 se­ries 911 range will in­clude a plug-in hy­brid model. The PHEV 911’s pow­er­train will in­clude a 3.0-liter flat-six and a 134-hp elec­tric mo­tor, giv­ing a to­tal sys­tem out­put of about 485 horse­power. Sources in Weis­sach sug­gest a 0–60 time of about 3.5 sec­onds and a top speed of 197 mph. Although the hy­brid 911 will re­port­edly travel up to 40 miles on elec­tric power thanks to its 10.8kw-hr bat­tery, Porsche en­gi­neers are said to be tun­ing the pow­er­train soft­ware to al­low the mo­tor to en­hance midrange re­sponse and im­prove han­dling via torque vec­tor­ing. The PHEV 911 is also said to fea­ture on-de­mand all-wheel drive, a but­ton­ac­ti­vated 20-sec­ond torque boost, and liftoff coast­ing in Eco mode.

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