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The rear-engine, 455 Oldsmo­bile–pow­ered Maz­darati mini­truck is back! Freiburger and Fin­negan couldn’t run it into the 10s on the drag strip back in episode 51 (even though the pre­vi­ous owner claimed it would). Now they’ve de­cided to throw more at the lit­tle truck that could. In this episode of Road­kill the guys give it an­other shot by re­build­ing the engine, re­pair­ing the trans­mis­sion, and adding a big­ger ni­trous kit, of course. Af­ter a road trip back to Tuc­son and a se­ries of drag strip fail­ures, will the Maz­darati fi­nally prove its worth? Or will Freiburger and Fin­negan fi­nally ad­mit they may have been lied to?

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