How would you sum up mo­tor­cy­cle peo­ple ver­sus car peo­ple?

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Mo­tor­cy­cle peo­ple tend to be a lit­tle more con­ser­va­tive, in the sense that mo­tor­cy­cles have looked the same pretty much for the last, what, 50 years? Linked brak­ing has been around for, like, 30 years? Most peo­ple are pretty sus­pi­cious of it. Even to this day, what do peo­ple clamor to? The sim­ple ones. The Triumph Bon­nevilles, the Har­ley Sport­sters, the ones with the least amount of elec­tronic nanny stuff on ’em. You can be a car per­son and not be me­chan­i­cal at all. Mo­tor­cy­cle peo­ple have to be a lit­tle bit me­chan­i­cal; at least they en­joy hav­ing a sense of the me­chan­i­cal. They en­joy do­ing it the hard way, as op­posed to the easy way. It’s harder to travel and get around and do things on a mo­tor­cy­cle. But it’s also way more fun.

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