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PB SCLC stands for Pe­riph­eral Belt Su­per Com­plex Lam­i­nate Con­struc­tion. Arai’s Signet-x and Quan­tum-x hel­mets uti­lize Arai’s PB SCLC shells to cre­ate a stronger yet lighter hel­met. Th­ese unique shells are con­structed us­ing var­i­ous ma­te­ri­als that are de­signed, cut and placed in ex­act po­si­tions, and then lay­ered and bonded to maximize strength and min­i­mize weight. The shell uses a pe­riph­eral belt, wo­ven in-house with 9-mi­cron fiber fil­a­ments, for ex­tra re­in­force­ment along key ar­eas like the tem­ple. As a re­sult, Arai cre­ated pro­pri­etary resins to hold all of th­ese to­gether to pro­duce such a great hel­met.

So, why cre­ate PB SCLC and pro­pri­etary resins? Be­cause Arai’s stan­dards are set by their com­mit­ment to the con­sis­tent pur­suit of gains in pro­tec­tion, solely for your ben­e­fit! In order to cre­ate a shell that meets the unique de­mands of mo­tor­cy­cling, Arai first de­vel­oped pro­pri­etary Su­per Fibers, which cost 6 times more but have 30% higher ten­sile strength than stan­dard fiber­glass. To maximize the true value of th­ese fibers, Arai had to cre­ate new resins that could bond them to­gether more firmly and com­pletely. Th­ese spe­cific resins Arai mixes in-house al­low the hel­met to have a max­i­mum fiber to min­i­mum resin ratio to pro­duce a stronger, lighter, and more com­pact hel­met.

Th­ese ex­tra ef­forts of­fer more than just what is ex­pected. Arai de­mands more, and so should you!

Cre­ator of the first mo­tor­cy­cle hel­met in Ja­pan, Arai has hand­crafted hel­mets for more than 60 years. Dur­ing that time, the sin­gu­lar goal of the Arai fam­ily has been to pro­vide con­sis­tently im­prov­ing lev­els of pro­tec­tion in ev­ery hel­met they pro­duce.

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