Stay cool, ride fast, have fun.

Motorcyclist - - Shift - —Brody Cox

Mo­tor­cy­cle track­days are a great way to push your­self (and your bike) to new lim­its. They can prove de­mand­ing too. On gear, on time, and on your body. Here are five track­side ameni­ties that will help keep you fo­cused on the task at hand.

1) Your bike can be da­m­aged if im­prop­erly se­cured for travel, so qual­ity tie-downs are es­sen­tial. Pow­er­tye Big Daddy 2-inch Tie-down Straps ($105) are dou­ble stitched for se­cu­rity and fea­ture sheep­skin sleeves that keep your ride from get­ting scratched. 2) It’s al­ways best to bring gas with you. The 4-gal­lon Ma­trix Con­cepts MZ1 In­dus­trial Can ($45) is made from heavy-duty HDPE plas­tic. Two han­dles and an avail­able hose at­tach­ment for easy pour­ing will help keep your re­fu­el­ing spill-free. 3) Keep­ing hy­drated is crit­i­cal, and while warm wa­ter works, hav­ing a cooler im­proves track life sub­stan­tially. Whether it’s a dime-store sty­ro­foam unit or this ex­pe­di­tion-grade Ot­ter­box Ven­ture 65 ($400), hav­ing drinks and snacks on ice is the ticket, es­pe­cially when it comes time to drive home. 4) A chair is a wel­come sight for any track-worn body. When your move­ment is re­stricted by leathers, how­ever, a low-slung camp chair means wrig­gling for es­cape. We pre­fer an up­right and dig­ni­fied seat like Pic­nic at As­cot’s Di­rec­tor’s Chair ($76). The in­cluded side ta­ble is a staff fa­vorite.

5) Hide from the sun with an E-Z UP canopy. This full-zoot ver­sion with our logo on it goes for $900, but cheaper mod­els of the ubiq­ui­tous shel­ters can be set up just as quickly.

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