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TH­ESE AD­VEN­TURE GLOVES from Klim have evolved into a new model, the Dakar Pro, since I started wear­ing them in 2015. They’re es­sen­tially a beefed-up ver­sion of what an en­duro or woods rider would wear, so in­stead of a tex­tile chas­sis, th­ese mitts rely on goatskin leather and fea­ture knuckle ar­mor, palm pad­ding, and re­flec­tive pip­ing. Like an en­duro glove, how­ever, the Ad­ven­tures are light, with ex­cel­lent dex­ter­ity. Thanks to per­fo­ra­tion be­tween the fin­gers and ny­lon pan­els on the back of the hand they’re also highly breath­able. That makes them ideal for warm-weather cruises or stren­u­ous rid­ing like you’ll ex­pe­ri­ence wran­gling an ADV bike off-road.

I’ve used the Ad­ven­ture gloves to pro­tect my paws for years. They’ve en­dured get­ting sat­u­rated with sweat and filled with sand in the deserts of Peru and get­ting caked by mud in the Rock­ies. Af­ter all that use, they’re stained and not ter­ri­bly fresh smelling, but they’re still fully in­tact and beau­ti­fully bro­ken in. The palm leather (dou­ble-thick in places) shows no signs of wear or thin­ning, and the seams are all tight.

If th­ese Ad­ven­ture gloves sound like a per­fect match for your rid­ing, you’ll want to or­der the Dakar Pros. As is Klim’s na­ture, the com­pany up­dates its prod­ucts and some­times trans­forms them en­tirely. Such is the case with the Ad­ven­tures, which have trans­formed into wa­ter­proof, full-leather road gloves. Mean­while, the Dakar Pros em­body all the fea­tures of the pre­vi­ous­gen­er­a­tion Ad­ven­tures.

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