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Tor­ture-test­ing pop­u­lar mo­tor­cy­cle locks

Motorcyclist - - Contents - —Will Steen­rod

FEW THINGS SIT heav­ier in your stom­ach than the pit that forms when you re­al­ize your mo­tor­cy­cle has been stolen. Many com­pa­nies have de­vel­oped so­lu­tions to keep your bike yours, and our friends at Cy­cle Gear sent us a sam­pling of pop­u­lar bike locks to put to the test.

There are a mul­ti­tude of ways to test locks: ham­mers, crow­bars, and even liq­uid nitro­gen, but we used the thief ’s weapon of choice—the cord­less an­gle grinder. They aren’t the end-all for cut­ting power, but they are po­tent and highly por­ta­ble.

Hu­mankind has yet to forge a bike lock that will stand up to a lit­tle de­ter­mi­na­tion and a di­a­mond cut­ting wheel, but not all locks are cre­ated equal. Our met­ric was sim­ple: How long would it take our an­gle grinder to de­feat th­ese six mod­els?

1) The Kryp­tonite New York Fahget­tabou­dit Chain lasted a full 3:16, beat­ing its next clos­est ri­val by more than a minute. That’s thanks largely to its con­struc­tion: an in­tim­i­dat­ing 15-pound chain with 14mm links made from T3-hard­ened man­ganese steel.

2) The Xena XX-6 Disc-lock Alarm sur­vived for 2:07, se­cur­ing sec­ond place on our list. It was also the only lock we tested with an alarm. True to ad­ver­tis­ing, cut­ting the thing trig­gered a 120-deci­bel siren that was phys­i­cally painful to hear. That’s on top of the 119-deci­bel racket our grinder made on every lock we cut.

3) The ABUS Granit Vic­tory Xplus 68 came in a close third at 1:53, while 4) The Club UTL810 Util­ity Lock and the 5) Grip-lock fell within two sec­onds of each other at 1:17 and 1:15, re­spec­tively.

6) The Master Lock Street Cuffs man­aged less than a minute, at 0:40.

That seems brief, but re­mem­ber, your ul­ti­mate goal is to pre­vent your bike be­ing stolen, so you’re sim­ply try­ing to slow the thieves down. The longer it takes to steal your bike, the bet­ter the odds of it be­ing there in the morn­ing. Po­lice de­part­ments sug­gest a com­bi­na­tion of disc locks and chains at­tached to ground an­chors, but even the stur­di­est lock will fall to the grinder even­tu­ally.


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