Dr. john bets it all on a moto guzzi

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Win­ning an AMA Pro Twins cham­pi­onship in 1987 pushed Dr. John Wit­tner to make a big com­mit­ment for the 1988 sea­son. “We were suc­cess­ful,” he re­mem­bers. “I wasn’t prac­tic­ing den­tistry at that point, so I needed to make a go with this Moto Guzzi. The fac­tory had a four-valve cylin­der head in de­vel­op­ment, with two pro­to­types on the dyno. That’s what you see in the 1988 bike: the four-valve en­gine in the 1987 chas­sis.” But it was a gam­ble. The en­gine ar­rived from the fac­tory with no time to spare be­fore the sea­son-opener at Day­tona. The new heads would de­liver a big jump in power, but Wit­tner’s joy at their ar­rival was short-lived. “When the mo­tor showed up at my par­ents’ garage, I took it apart and the cylin­der heads were cracked.”

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