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Whether it’s from a kick­stand sink­ing into soft earth or just a loss of bal­ance, some­times your beloved ride ends up on its side. Be­fore you pick it back up, take a beat to make sure the key and the petcock are switched off, then sur­vey the scene. The dam­age is done to the bike (and your ego), so take your time with these steps.

1 . Ap­proach

Make sure you feel good about the foot­ing. Mo­tor­cy­cles are heavy, and the only thing worse than a tip-over is lift­ing the bike half­way up and drop­ping it again. Keep in mind you’ll be push­ing to­ward the bike as well as lift­ing.

3 . Ex­ert

Get a solid grip on your grab point and the han­dle­bar, then get in dead-lift po­si­tion—straighten your back, lock or sta­bi­lize your arms, and push with your legs. Good form is key to avoid­ing in­jury.

2 . En­gage

Move the han­dle­bar to full lock in what­ever di­rec­tion the bike fell over (as long as it won’t cause more dam­age) and find a place on the rear of the bike that you can hold. The pas­sen­ger grab han­dle is of­ten ideal.

4 . Ex­am­ine

Take stock of any dam­age by check­ing the levers and con­trols. If you can get the kick­stand onto solid ground, a walk-around is never a bad idea be­fore get­ting back on the road.

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